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Idesoft presents Professional Management, a management tool that allows you to supervise different aspects of a business's economic and business activity, such as warehouse control, accounting, etc.

The program, designed for most businesses, offers its own Point of Sale terminal or POSt, Billing, Accounting, and Invoicing. It can also be used on a local network, under any network setting (including Linux systems).

Perfect for small and medium enterprises, as well as independent contractors, here are some of its most interesting features:

The ability to interconnect stores, branches and head offices

The ability to personalize currency and taxes

Multi-business, Multi-activity, and multi-user support.

Control of salespeople and commissions

Automatic stock and warehouse control

Control of client's credit and delinquent accounts

Cash sales and complete billing

Document Design

Tax keeping record

Allows for the use of sizes, fits, and colors

Export lists into multiple formats, including PDF

Sending of documents via email

Automatic accounting management

Support for POS (Point of Sale) terminals and barcodes

Invoice generator

Multiple listings and reports, with the option of an on-screen preview before printing

Charges and Payments book

Anti-fraud utilities

To try this test version of the application introduce ‘DEMO’ under user and then ‘DEMO’ as the password.

-Multi-search, search under any field in the database and get results immediately.
-New invoice designer. Predefined templates and formats for invoices.
-Extended purchase invoices.
-Improved pro forma invoices.
-Extended sales invoices.
-Get amended invoices in just one click.
-New traceability module.
-New guarantees control module.
-Adapted to Law 16/2009 of November 13 regarding payment services and new types of sales taxes.

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